17quwan privacy policy

General provisions

17quwan Inc. (“17quwan”) treats your personal information as very important, observes “Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act”. 17quwan informs you how we use a personal information you provide us and in what way the information would be used through our privacy policy to protect your information.

The privacy policy can be often modified by the changes in government laws and guidelines and company policy. In the case of changing our policy, we will inform you the aamendments in our website.

The definition of the personal information in use in the privacy policy shows “relevant information that can be identified by the individual information such as name, social security number that is included in such information as information about and individual alive, (including that can be recognized by combination with other information, nonetheless it cannot be identified only by relevant information.).

Our privacy policy contains following contents.

  1. Agreement for collecting personal information
  2. Subjects of personal information to be collected and the way to collect, the objectives of using and collecting the information.
  3. Providing the information to third party
  4. Handling consignment of the information collected
  5. Period possession and use of personal information.
  6. Destruction Procedures and Methods of Personal Information.
  7. Rights of users and legal representatives and the way to wield.
  8. Information relevant to installation, operation and rejection for the automatic collecting method for personal information.
  9. Technical and administrative measures for protecting privacy
  10. Personal information manager
1. Agreement for personal information collecting

We receive an agreement for collecting personal date from users. We set up the steps asking agreements of users to the terms of service and privacy policy during the joining membership for the collecting personal information. When the user clicks the agreement button, we see this as you agree we collect your data.

2. Subjects of personal information to be collected and the way to collect, the objectives of using and collecting the information.

We have been receiving the most essential personal data for the service we offer such as joining membership, consultation.

The most essential personal data we ask for join the membership are name, date of birth, ID (email address), password (encryption), and mobile number.

We can ask your specific personal data in order to sending event rewards or collective statistical analysis for survey or events.

But, if it is possible, we do not collect the information such as race, opinion, region of birth, political perspectives and criminal records, health condition and sex life, and etc. that can invade basic privacy. If we have to, we definitely ask your agreement first. In this case, we won’t use that information in any other purpose but the purpose we reveal in advance. The company can collect directly and indirectly generated information such as cookies or log access for the purpose to use in advertising and marketing throughout the using of our service.

The company has been collecting and using the personal information of users not only to help users’ joyful use in services but also to offer the best service fitting individual user’s interests, as the source for identifying user and for service.

Specific objectives for collecting and using the category of date collected are followed by,

  • * Name, date of birth, sex, ID (email address), nickname, password, Identity verification documents : identification for the membership service, personal identification, identification from credit-rating agencies, preventing illegal use of defective member, avoiding duplicate membership, confirming agreement from legal representatives of under 14 aged children in collecting personal data, identification of the legal representatives later.
  • * Email address, mobile number: sending notifications, making a smooth communication route for such as complaints, informing events and new services, making a correct pick-up place for parcel.
  • * Receiver’s name, address, phone number: checking for the dispatching goods and rewards
  • * Bank account, mobile number: payment service.
  • * Other options: sources for personalizing service.
  • * Generated information: It can be collected for statistical analysis for improving and supplementing homepage, providing service and advertising based on the demographic characteristics, identifying frequency of access, restricting of re-using the service in illegal by defective users, and smooth communication between users and website. (history in service use, log access, cookie, connecting IP information)
3. Providing the information to third party

We do not use or provide user’s information to others or other institutions beyond the range of purpose to use and collect personal information in any reason.

In the case of that we share or provide user’s information to third party, we will ask your agreement through documents, phone call, email and etc. or inform on the web page about the third party, the purpose for using by the third party, the subject of information we provide, the possession and period in use the personal date we provide, and etc. in advance. But, the below case are in exception.

  • In the case that users already agree with
  • In the case of providing information after modifying not to be identified someone for the market researching or statistics and academic research.
  • Government investigative agencies request us the information through the official procedures and methods regulated by government acts for investigating purpose, or in accordance with provisions of the act.
  • When it needs to calculate payments based on the offering other services.
  • We will do our best to avoid the situation that all the information won’t be provided thoughtlessly in opposite of the original purpose of collecting and using the information.
4. Period possession and use of personal information.

17quwan possesses personal information of membership users, while membership users receive the service 17quwan provides.

In addition, when the information subject itself withdrew the agreement of collecting data or achieved their own purpose in collecting data, or when it finished the period of possessing in the agreement, it will destroy all the relevant information. But, it is an exception that it was in obligation in other regulations.

The specific moment in achieving collecting data is below

  • Information for joining a membership: when you closed your account or your account was expelled.
  • Payment information: when it paid full payment or prescription period of debt extinction.
  • Shipping information: when the goods or services was completely offered.
  • For the temporary purpose of collecting in survey or events: when the relevant survey or event was finished.
  • Personal certification: when it verified the person him/herself.

For that information, we keep by the reasons below.

We can possess user’s personal information in 90 days for the purpose mentioned in the terms and conditions to prepare requests for cooperating investigation or invasion of rights such as avoiding confusion in using services, preventing an abuse and misuse of rights, or defamation, even though you left the membership or your account was expelled.

Identity verification documents in purpose of verifying a user for the case of such as identity theft will be destroyed once it finished verifying.

The company can keep user’s personal information when is necessary for some period regulated by the acts in the relevant regulations such as business law, act for protecting customers in e-commerce.

  • Report for sign/advertising: 6 months
  • Report for contracts or calling off subscriptions: 5 years
  • Report for payment and support of goods: 5 years
  • Report for solving dispute or complaints: 3 years
5. Period possession and use of personal information.

17quwan destroys relevant information in principle once we complete our mission in collecting and using personal information of users.

The way to destroy and the procedure of destroying reveal in below.

  • * The destroying procedure
    • - Information you used to join us would be kept for a period of time by the relevant regulations to protect the information (refer to the possessing and using time) and by the company policy then be destroyed, after it obtained their own purpose.

The personal information won’t be used in any other reason but the reason that it is kept by the company policy and the relevant laws.

  • *  How to destroy
    • -It burns or shatters to pieces when the information was printed on a paper.
    • -It deletes in technical way not to use again the date when the information was saved to the type of electronic file.
6. Destruction Procedures and Methods of Personal Information.

The company receives an agreement from a legal representative when it collects personal information from the children under 14, and the company composes to collect the legal representative’s’ agreement for collecting personal information by asking him/her their real name information when the children under 14 join the membership, and then all the information of the legal representative collected such as name, phone number will be used only to verify him/herself and whether he/she agree with. The relevant information will be kept until the children under 14 leave the membership.

User and the legal representative can ask for viewing, correction and calling off the agreement (leaving the membership) to the personal information of the children under 14 or the regal representative him/herself registered in any time.

When you want to view or adjust your information, you can do those after log in then click the modifying my account or the character menu. In the case that you want to cancel your agreement, you can ask to close your account or view and adjust directly through the leaving membership part in the modifying my account in the menu of my account (or character menu) after log in. You can receive a temporary password by using the menu “find my ID/password” when you lost your password.

Otherwise, you can contact to the personal information manager by a document or phone call, email. The manager will take your inquiry without delay after certifying you.

In the case that user asks for correcting the personal information, we don’t offer or use the data until we finish correcting the information. As well as, in the case that we already provide wrong personal information to third party we instantly inform the third party the result of correction to let them correct.

The company has been conducting the personal information requested to destroy by users or legal representatives in the terms of time for storing and using the personal information collected by the company, and not to be viewed or used in other reason.

7. Information relevant to installation, operation and rejection for the automatic collecting method for personal information.

17quwan sets up and operates a device automatically collecting personal information like cookie that frequently searches and keeps the information of users. Cookie is a tiny text file that a server being used in operating company’s website sends to a browser of user, which is stored in user’s computer hard disc. Cookie can distinguish the user’s computer but user itself. The company uses cookies for the reasons below.

* Purpose of using cookie

It is to use as a source in target marketing and personalized service through the analysis of access frequency and staying time between members and non-members, chasing a trace of users or character and interests of users, grasp the number of visit and the extent of participating in events.

Users have an option whether to install a cookie. Thus, the users can not only allow all the cookies by setting the option in web browser but also confirm every time cookie is saved or reject storing all the cookies.

But, there might be a problem in using the service the company offer as you refuse the installation of cookie.

8. Technical and administrative measures for protecting privacy

The company has a responsibility for finding technical, administrative measures to secure the safety of personal information of members in being lost, stolen, leaked, falsification and damaged in using the information.

You shouldn’t open your password to anyone because your personal information is protected basically by the password. The password is secured by the systematical encryption, so even the system manager cannot open the individual’s password. Members should be careful of exposure their password especially when they share the PC with others or use the PC in public place. We recommend you to log out and close all the web browsers in activation after using the service.

We have been adopting a security device, Secured Socket Layer (SSL), to be able to send in secure the personal information in network by using encryption algorithm as you join us or log in.

It’s impossible for the not-allowed IP and port to access to the company server by making restrictions for them unless those are in internal company network.

We have been making efforts to equip technical and administrative devices and other programs as much as possible to ensure the safety user’s personal information from leaking by intrusions such as hacking, as well as we set up the system at the area controlled to prevent from accessing from outside.

The company limits the number of people in charge of managing user’s personal information at least, and institutes a necessary plan for accessing and administrating the personal information to follow.

Transfer personal information manager’s business to his successor has been taken completely in security, and we clearly regulate a responsibility for the invasion of privacy after joining and leaving the company.

9. Personal information manager

The company assigns the personal information manager and personal information staff as below not only to protect the personal information of users but also to solve the relevant complaints.

* Personal information manager

  • Name : Wyman
  • Department/ role : Mobile advertising department/ Manager
  • E-MAIL : webmaster@17quwan.com

* Personal information staff

  • Name : Wyman
  • Department/ role : Mobile advertising department/ Manager
  • E-MAIL : webmaster@17quwan.com

You can contact to the personal information manager or the relevant department for the relevant inquiry about protecting all the personal information generated during using the service. The company promise to treat your inquiry in sincere and to answer the inquiry as soon as possible.

Supplementary provision (Enforcement date)This policy has been implemented since May 23, 2018.